Top Notch Security Inc. selects its people carefully with skilled employment interviewers who also provide initial training for new hires. They spend many hours with all new security officers to get to know them… to see how quickly they learn…how they speak and write…and observe their attitude. Some don’t make it.

While training progresses, telephonic background checks are done and in house microfiche criminal index is consulted. Also, special training schools, medical examinations and drug tests are scheduled as necessary.

Then, off to the job site, where preplanned on-the-job training is given, for as long as it takes each security officer to become proficient. Attention is given to the job-site demeanor preferred by the client, to job hazards, safe practices, and job duties designed to keep the security officer alert.

Top Notch Security Inc. managers are also security consultants, able to advise clients about practical security techniques, supplemental safeguards and the cost of alternatives. Clients are encouraged to discuss security problems and to consider the Top Notch Security Inc. insight and suggestions in order to produce the best security program with rock-solid performance.
One specific supervisor will be assigned to service your account. This supervisor will have the operational responsibility to ensure the following procedures:

  • On-going unscheduled supervisor checks to ensure uniform appearance.
  • Adherence to job details and performance of duties.
  • On-going management visitation with a designated contact to discern any new  instruction or present any observations that may aid security.
  • 24-hour accessibility to additional services.
  • Written reports of any significant incidents are brought to the attention of management and/or used as record evidence in criminal prosecution.
  • Immediate attention and response by management to any security problem.